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The law in Georgia regarding alimony can be broken down into a fairly simple analysis.  First, does  the spouse seeking alimony genuinely "need" the support?  Second, can the other spouse "afford" to pay it?  While the standard may appear simple, litigating it is an entirely different matter.  You need one of our Gwinnett County divorce attorneys on your side!

After assessing whether or not alimony should be awarded in your divorce case, the amount of alimony must be determined. This decision must include both parties' incomes and needs.  Further one person may be capable of earning more, but deliberately reduces his or her income.  Or, one party may have stayed at home to take care of the children for many years and, therefore, not be capable of earning as much income. This issue is not a simple one but the Court's decision regarding alimony may make a huge difference in the receiving party's quality of life. Let our skilled attorneys help you reach a fair settlement.

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