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Legal Name Change in Georgia

Adult name changes

Have you been considering legally changing your name?  Our lawyers can help you get a legal name change!  We will walk you through what can be a surprisingly complicated legal process which requires filing a petition in superior court, publishing a notice in the legal newspaper of your county, and appearing in court for a hearing before a superior court judge.

The reasons for changing your name may include the following:

- your name is difficult to pronounce or spell;

- you have always gone by a different name;

- you'd merely prefer a new name;

- and any other reason permitted by law.

Our attorneys can help you determine if your reason for changing your name is legally permissible in an in office free consultation.  Call today to schedule your free initial consultation!

For a basic adult name change, we charge a flat fee of only $1,750.00* which includes all filing and notice fees!

Minor Child name changes

You can also petition the court to change your minor child's name.  How complicated the process will be depends on whether or not your child's other parent consents to the name change.  If the other parent consents, the process is substantially similar to an adult name change.  Again, for a basic child name change, we charge a flat fee of only $1,750.00* which includes all filing and notice fees!

If your child's other parent does not consent, or cannot consent because you cannot locate him/her, the process can be much more complicated but can still usually be done.  For more information, contact one of our attorneys for an in office free consultation.  

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* Subject to change for any reason without notice.