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Gwinnett County, Child Support Lawyers

Child Support Lawyers in Gwinnett County, GA and surrounding areas

Child Support

     The law regarding child support in the state of Georgia recently underwent a radical change.  Child support is now calculated using a "child support worksheet."  Due to the complicated nature of calculating child support, it is extremely advisable to have a skilled attorney by your side.  The Suwanee, GA child support attorneys at Quinde & Associates have a wealth of experience in calculating child support and trying this issue in the courtroom.

Child support modification

     The legal standard for modifying child support is either a change in financial circumstances of one of the parties or a change in the needs of the child.  Typically speaking, a child support modification action can be brought only once every two years.  If you are a custodial parent seeking more child support, or if you are a noncustodial parent experiencing difficulty paying the full amount of your court ordered child support, call and schedule your free in office consultation today.

Child support Contempt

     If you have fallen behind on your child support payments and have been served with a motion for contempt, call the attorneys of Quinde & Associates today!  The consequences of a contempt motion can be severe and include, but are not limited to, jail time, loss of driver's license, and garnishment of your wages or bank accounts.  However, there are valid, legal defenses to a contempt action that can help you avoid such severe consequences!  A skilled and experienced Gwinnett County child support attorney like Attorney Elena Quinde can help!  Call now to schedule your free in office consultation with one of our Suwanee child support lawyers.

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