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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about communication

When should i call my lawyer?

First of all, you should never be reluctant to call our office with questions or concerns!  But there are times you absolutely must call us.  These times include but are not limited to:

1. You have changed your phone number or moved or other contact information has changed.

2. You have received a court notice in the mail.

3. You believe you are about to be arrested.

What about "status updates"?

Most of the calls we receive from our existing clients request "status updates."  Let's just come out and say it, your legal matter will probably take a lot longer than you think it will! 

It is not uncommon for a lawyer not to have a status update for a month or more depending on the type of case.  For example, in most family law cases, once a lawsuit is filed and served, the opposing party usually has thirty days to respond.  Therefore, your lawyer may not be contacting you with an update because we are still waiting for the lawsuit to be served (which can take a few weeks) and then thirty days for the response.

As a general rule, if you don't hear from us, it is because nothing noteworthy is transpiring in your case.  Not because we are not working on it, but because we will be obligated to wait for responses, wait for notice of court dates, etc.

Can you talk to my friend or family member instead of me?

If you need a lawyer, chances are, you are in a state of crisis.  We understand that your case is probably causing you emotional stress and sometimes it's tempting to pass the buck to a friend or relative we trust.  

While we are happy to communicate with friends or relatives that you specifically give us written permission to talk to, with very limited exception, they should not be taking over all communication for you with us.

YOU are the client and there is likely very important information that only you can share with your attorney.  Further, there are many decisions that you and your attorney will need to make together to advance your case.  These very important decisions will require your input.

If you are feeling so emotional or stressed that talking to your lawyer seems daunting or impossible, we encourage you to consider speaking to your doctor or other mental health professional.  

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