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If you have been served with a motion for contempt, you need to be aware that you may be facing severe consequences.  A contempt motion generally alleges that you have violated court order by failing to do something that you were ordered to do.  Examples include: failure to pay child support or alimony or withholding visitation or custody of a child from the other parent.

On the other hand, if the parent of your children or ex-spouse is not complying with a valid court order, it is important to know that you can seek quick and effective relief from a Georgia court by bringing a contempt action against the other party.

Courts in Georgia have great power and discretion in enforcing their orders and punishing parties who do not comply with their orders.  For example, judges can, and often do, order jail time for the party in contempt!  The Judge may also order the party in contempt to pay the other person's attorneys fees.

However, there are valid, legal defenses to a contempt motion.  First of all, any violation of court order must be proved "willful."  Therefore, if a party violated court order because they genuinely did not have the ability to comply in the first place, that is a valid defense.

Some other defenses to a contempt include:

  • Inability to Pay
  • Void Judgement and Decree
  • Reliance upon a Private Agreement
  • Vagueness of the Order

Due to the nature of the possible consequences on a contempt motion, we encourage you to speak with an experienced and skilled attorney.  The Gwinnett County contempt lawyers at Quinde & Associates have experience in both filing and defending contempt motions.  Call one of our Gwinnett County Contempt lawyers today!

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