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Attorney Elena Quinde is a founding partner of Quinde & Associates, LLC.  Attorney Quinde started her legal career at the very prestigious downtown law firm of King & Spalding after graduating from Georgia State University College of Law.  While she enjoyed assisting in the representation of large corporate clients in multi-district tort litigation, she knew that a key component of her job satisfaction was missing.

For that reason, she decided to leave the downtown Atlanta firm and focus on helping the members of her community.  Attorney Elena Quinde and her family are long time residents of Lawrenceville, GA and Gwinnett County, and she knew that was there she wanted her home base to be.

She started practicing heavily and primarily in the fields of family law and criminal defense.  She became well acquainted with other attorneys as well as the judges and their staff in Gwinnett County in the process.  The "key component" that had been missing became clear: Attorney Quinde thrives on being the person that can tell a client, a person as opposed to company: "I have a solution for the legal problem you are experiencing."  She truly enjoys helping people and improving their lives.  

After practicing in the county for several years for smaller firms, Attorney Quinde recognized a need in the area for a boutique law firm which ultimately culminated in the birth of Quinde & Associates, LLC.  As a partner, she is able to make decisions that serve the best interests of her clients without having to consult an owner or superior that knows little to nothing about her clients' cases.

In her time away from the office and courtroom, Attorney Quinde is the mother to two precocious little girls, a dog, a cat and a fish.  Her husband, Ed, is a remarkable chef who delights in spoiling all members of the household.  She is an avid reader of fantasy novels, a former competitive athlete, a self-proclaimed "foodie," and a fan of all things Disney.  In short, she is a parent, spouse, and person just like you!  She understands the challenges that you're facing because, chances are, she has faced them too.  Contact Attorney Quinde for a consultation today to find out how she can help you.

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Whether you're facing a criminal charge, a divorce, or custody battle, everything can change – we know that at Quinde & Associates. With years of combined experience litigating on our clients' behalf, you can focus on recovering, instead of finding yourself overwhelmed and worried about your case.