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All cases are different, and with some few exceptions listed below, it is generally necessary to consult with the lawyer about your particular case and details to be quoted a fee.  This is a much fairer system as it ensures that you're being quoted a fee that directly correlates with the complexity of your matter.


We are able to handle uncontested cases on a flat fee basis.  The following is a list of some cases that we are able to quote fees for here on our website.  These fees apply ONLY to Gwinnett County cases.  Usually, the fees are very similar if not the same for surrounding counties, so please call to inquire.

1. Gwinnett County Uncontested* Divorce without Minor Children: $1300.00 flat fee ** 

2. Gwinnett County Uncontested* Divorce with Minor Children: $1,750.00 flat fee **

3. Gwinnett County Uncontested* Legitimation: $1,750.00 flat fee **

4. Qualified Domestic Relations Order: $750.00 flat fee

      * Uncontested means that you and your spouse/the opposing party agree on all issues in your matter.

      ** Includes county filing fees

The flat fees quoted above are subject to change at any time and without notice.  Please speak with one of our attorneys for further details.


You have a contested case if you and the opposing party, generally a spouse, ex-spouse, or the other parent of your children have not agreed on how to resolve your matter.  These cases are generally billed hourly.  You attorney will discuss an initial retainer that you would pay at the beginning of your case.  The firm will bill for the work it performs on an hourly basis and money, when earned, will be withdrawn from that retainer.  It may be necessary to "replenish" the retainer amount on hand from time to time to ensure that there are adequate funds available for the firm to continue working toward the finalization of your case. 

For contested cases, it will be necessary to consult with one of our attorneys to determine the quote for your case.  The initial consultation to do so, however, is completely free.  

Call 678-404-7104 to schedule your consultation.


We typically handle criminal cases (from traffic tickets to felonies) on a flat fee basis.  The list below represents some of the types of cases we handle and how much we charge to investigate your case and negotiate a favorable resolution via a plea.  Often times, we are able to reduce the charges or even negotiate entry into programs that will result in a dismissal of your charges.  The exact outcome of your case is not guaranteed, or course, and will depend on the details of your own, unique matter.   

This list includes quotes for Gwinnett County cases only.  However, prices are generally similar, if not the same, for surrounding counties.  Please call to inquire regarding other counties or if you do not see your specific type of case below.  

Gwinnett County Recorder's Court Speeding Ticket (No more than 20 mph over speed limit): $250.00 flat fee***

Gwinnett County First Lifetime Arrest Misdemeanor Shoplifting: $1,500.00 flat fee***

Gwinnett County First Lifetime Arrest Misdemeanor Simple Battery: $1,500.00 flat fee***

Gwinnett County First Lifetime Arrest Misdemeanor Family Violence Battery: $1,500.00 flat fee***

Gwinnett County first Lifetime Arrest Misdemeanor possession of marijuana:  $1,500.00 flat fee***

First Lifetime Arrest Gwinnett County Driving Under the Influence: $2,000.00 flat fee***

      *** The flat fees quoted above are subject to change at any time and without notice.  They do not include the cost of other expenses, including but not limited to: court fines and fees, probation supervision fees, the cost of court ordered classes, the cost of court ordered evaluations, etc.  Please speak with one of our attorneys for further details.

How can I make a Payment?

We offer free thirty minute initial consultations with our lawyers!  Not with a paralegal or legal assistant.  Come talk to a lawyer about your own unique case.  We will get to know you and the relevant details of your matter and outline a plan to get you the relief you need!

How much will you charge me for my case?

Quinde & Associates offers numerous, convenient ways to pay your invoice.  You may, of course, schedule an appointment and make a payment in the office.  You are also more than welcome to call the office during normal business hours and pay over the phone.

Additionally, you may complete a "credit card authorization form" by clicking the blue button below.  Once you have completed this form, simply email it to us at or by faxing it to us at 770-857-3430.

Lastly, you may make a payment online directly on this page by entering your payment information in the paypal link below.