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Property division

When your marriage comes to an end, one of the issues that arises is how you and your spouse will divide your marital property.  The standard for property division in Georgia is "equitable division."  Note that equitable does not mean equal.  It most closely means fair.

Also note that only marital property can be divided by court order in a divorce.  Generally, marital property is property that has been accumulated during your marriage - regardless of whose name it may be titled in.

Premarital and Separate Property

However, you or your spouse may have "pre-marital" or "separate" property that is not subject to division in a divorce.  Examples of this type of property can include property you owned before the marriages occurred or gifts or inheritances given to a party during the marriage.  Nevertheless, there are exceptions to this rule and, consequently, it is extremely important to speak with an experienced Gwinnett County divorce attorney who specializes in family law to help you analyze your divorce case.  An experienced attorney, like the Gwinnett County divorce lawyers at Quinde & Associates, can help you evaluate what property should be divided as well as how it should be divided as a result of your divorce.

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